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Vets Choice insurance for pets  |  the sensible choice for protecting your dog or cat

Vets Choice is a pet insurance product endorsed by vets for pets, and is backed by a 20-year partnership between Guild Insurance and the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA).

With a range of features and benefits to cover the adventures of your pet, Vets Choice is the sensible option for when your furry friend isn’t.

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"I loved the no co-insurance, pre-approval for claims and lifetime cover, these were the reasons why I chose Vets Choice"
– Roxy’s owner from Flemington, VIC


“I’ve never had such a good experience with an insurance company. Such a good experience during such a difficult time”
 – Sandra, owner of Ide in NSW

Dog insurance

Does your dog destroy its toys, leap over things during mad runs and roll in every muddy puddle it sees? You’re not alone! While there may not be any way to stop your dog from getting into mischief, you can ensure they’re protected for their adventures and misadventures with dog insurance. Make the sensible choice for your pet, with full coverage pet insurance, with a Vets Choice dog insurance policy →

Cat insurance

When we bring a cat into our homes, we’re excited for lap cuddles, snuggles in the bed and them greeting us with purrs and little meows. But our furry friend also loves to jump, climb and run around at strange hours of the night. They are far from sensible, but it’s why we love them. Thankfully, you can make the sensible choice to protect your cat with a Vets Choice cat insurance policy →

Why get pet insurance?

There’s a lot of similarities between the treatment’s pets receive to us humans. The same machines, medications and even the same treatments are performed. However, unlike human medicine, there’s no Medicare for pets. Which means without pet insurance, pet owners will be facing the full cost of emergency treatments and care. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to help more Australian pets become protected by insurance, to ensure they get the care they need when accidents happen.


A new approach to pre-existing conditions

Traditionally, pre-existing conditions have been excluded in pet insurance policies, leaving thousands of Australian pets exposed. At Vets Choice insurance for pets, we’re doing things a bit differently. After consulting and working directly with Australian vets and the Australian Veterinary Association, we’ve built a policy that covers conditions that have been successfully treated, if they reoccur. Find out more about our new approach pre-existing conditions in pet insurance →


Third party liability insurance for pets

Third-party insurance for dogs and cats works similarly to the way third-party insurance helps in vehicle insurance. When your pet is involved with an accident resulting in damages or injuries to a third-party, our policy steps in and helps. Hear some examples and find out more about third-party liability insurance for cats and dogs →


Caring for your pet

There’s a lot more to looking after your pet than just feeding them and giving them a brush. To ensure your furry friend is at optimal health, there’s a variety of things to consider; from how to keep them comfortable when travelling, to skin conditions during summer. View our helpful pet care articles today  and together let’s keep our furry friends happy and healthy.