Preventable illnesses & conditions coverage guarantee

We support and promote positive pet ownership and therefore recommend proactive preventative measures wherever available. This is why our pet insurance policies don’t cover preventable conditions. By working with your vet and being there for your pet and ensuring that their vaccinations are current and up to date you can reduce the risk of your pet suffering from a preventable illness. We strongly recommend pet owners seek the advice of their vets for their pet's specific requirements to best protect their pets against preventable illnesses and conditions.

However, we understand and accept that sometimes, despite everyone’s best efforts and intentions pets can still contract illnesses they were vaccinated against. As a Vets Choice policyholder we, therefore, extend to you our Preventable Conditions Coverage Extension. What does this mean?  to put it simply we will pay claims costs relating to vets' bills arising from the treatment of a preventable illness or condition should your pet still contract an illness or condition that they have been vaccinated against*.


*It is a requirement of this policy that you are able to provide evidence in the form of a signed veterinary certificate or vet vaccination record detailing your pet's full vaccination history, and for all vaccinations and boosters to have been provided within your vet's recommended guidelines and timeframes.