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Be part of our goal to increase the number of insured pets in Australia, the AVA and Guild is committed to getting more pets insured. Insured pets enable vets and pet owners to focus on the optimum treatment for ill and injured pets without the concerns of cost clouding these discussions.

We support our partners to raise awareness of pet insurance and to promote the benefits to pet owners. Following a simple sign up process you will be provided with access to the vets area of this site. This microsite contains all of the help and support needed to help your clients learn more about pet insurance. You will be able to access our training videos and supporting materials which can be viewed at your own pace and as many times as you like, each practice is able to register as many log ins as works best for your specific needs.

We will also provide you with brochures, posters and a soft copy e-tool kit for your web-site, social media posts and customer mails outs and communications, You will also be able to sign up for our monthly customer newsletter, the content of which you can share in your customer comms. We don’t ask partners to sell or recommend pet insurance and are here to support you and to add value to your customer relationships.  

You can sign up directly via the link below or contact us by phone 1800 999 738 or webform to learn more about how we are supporting vets, pet owners and protecting Australia’s pets.

For more information on being a partner, view the Vets Choice Partner brochure.

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