Dental cover for cats and dogs in pet insurance

Unlike a lot of pet insurers, Vets Choice offer the option of cover for dental accidents, illnesses, and routine care.

As advised by the Australian Veterinary Association, we provide the choice of adding dental cover for our pet insurance policies because of the importance of dental health in both cats and dogs of all ages.

80% of dogs and 70% of cats over the age of three have some level of dental disease (Australian Veterinary Association, 2020)


Does pet insurance cover dental?

Most pet insurance policies do not cover dental as standard cover. Some higher-level policies will include dental, and some pet insurers such as us here at Vets Choice offer dental as an add-on cover. This helps to lower the cost of the policies for those that do not want dental cover.

Does pet insurance cover dental teeth cleaning?

Teeth cleaning for pet dental cover is what's called 'routine care'. Generally speaking, basic pet insurance cover does not include dental, or routine care dental. Please check the policy PDS to know if the policy does cover dental, and routine care dental. 

Some pet insurers offer dental as an add-on. For example here at Vets Choice you can opt for two levels of added cover for dental. See below for more detail.

What is covered for dental in pet insurance?

Vets Choice offer two add-ons for dental, with the levels of cover known as Dental and Dental Plus. (Please note you cannot opt for Dental plus without the Dental add-on, but you can have Dental, without Dental Plus)

Having the Dental cover by itself is for treatment of dental injuries and illnesses such as gingivitis, abscesses, restoration or removal of teeth due to fracture, cavities, or dental disease from infection.

Having Dental Plus on top of the Dental add-on covers all the basics such as dental check-ups, teeth clean and polish and certain preventative items such as dental diets, chews and treats, sprays and gels, and toothbrushes (where accepted by the Veterinary Oral Health Council)


Dental Plus




Routine Care


Preventative Care