Cover for pre-existing conditions in pet insurance

What is a pre-existing condition?

A pre-existing condition is a temporary or permanent illness or injury that occurred before the pet insurance policy start date or during the policies waiting period(s).

What are temporary pre-existing conditions?

A temporary pre-existing condition is considered as any condition that has been experienced by the pet for a period of time but is no longer present as a result of treatment. For example, a broken bone would usually be considered a temporary pre-existing condition.

What are permanent pre-existing conditions?

A permanent pre-existing condition is considered as any condition, or conditions, that are current before the starting date of the policy (including waiting periods), ongoing and pre-existing lifelong illnesses. For example, diabetes would be considered a permanent condition.

Can my pet be insured if it has pre-existing conditions?

Yes it is possible to be insured with Vets Choice if your pet has pre-existing conditions.

Where any pre-existing conditions have been identified, the vet may advise that these conditions are now fully cured and no longer relevant to the ongoing health of the pet. These conditions will no longer be excluded from cover for any future treatment and waiting periods for these conditions will also be waived, this is contingent upon receipt of a signed Health Check form from your vet (please contact us for a copy of the form if your vet is unable to locate one). The only conditions that we are not able to cover are permanent conditions.

The following incurable or non-treatable conditions are not covered under your Vets Choice policy unless they occurred post you joining vets Choice.

  • Current conditions for which the animal is receiving ongoing treatment
  • Chronic conditions if known/diagnosed or identified -  as listed on the Vets Choice PDS – Arthritis, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Heart Conditions, Gastrointestinal Conditions, Skin (including ear conditions)
  • Degenerative conditions such as joint or ligament deterioration, again if known/diagnosed.

We will cover the above as long as the pet owner and or their vet were not aware of them prior to them joining Vets Choice. In many instances we are able to cover against previously experienced conditions.

Our goal is to support pet owners and not penalise those whose pets have been provided treatment previously, to this end we do not cover existing conditions, as in conditions that the pet currently has but do provide cover in relation to previously experienced illnesses on the condition that they are no longer present and have been treated.