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Chausie Profile

Lifespan: 12-16 Years

Avg height: 35-45 cms

Avg weight Female: 4-6 kg

Avg weight Male: 6-9 kg

Coat type: Short, dense, lustrous coat.

Coat colours and body type: This large breed of cat is weighty and can reach up to 11kg bodyweight. They are nearly twice the height of a regular domestic cat. They have a long athletic body and a 3/4 length tail. They may be in brown ticked tabby, silver-tipped, and black. At full maturation, they will often exhibit stripes on the legs, tail, and face.  

Grooming required: Low - weekly brush.

Similar Breeds: Abyssinian, Savannah, Toyger, Bengal.

Health Profile: Prone to food allergies, it is therefore vital to provide these cats with a high-quality diet free of additives and plant-derived ingredients. No other known hereditary health conditions, given their diverse genetic foundation.


Chausie temperament

Resembling small mountain lions, the Chausie cat is the result of a domestic cat cross (often Abysinnian) with a wild jungle cat. This newer breed is notably fearless but lacks aggression. They are slower to develop and may take up to three years to reach full maturation. Built for speed and agility, this breed is extremely active, intelligent and trainable. They are highly adventurous and enjoy walking on leashes. Similar to Bengals and Savannahs, this breed, too, enjoys water. This breed will form deep bonds with owners, hence rehoming has been known to be particularly challenging with this breed. 

Please be advised the information provided is purely an indicator of breed traits and characteristics and that within some breeds there can be significant variation.