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Foreign White

Foreign White Profile

Lifespan: 8-13 Years

Avg height: 20-25cms

Avg weight Female: 3.6-5.4 kg

Avg weight Male: > 5.4 kg

Coat type: Short, sleek white coat lies close to the skin.

Coat colours and body type: This strikingly beautiful cat is much like the Siamese in physique; strong, lean, and athletic. The breed is defined by its one colour combination of a pure white coat with stunning blue eyes.   

Grooming required: Low - weekly brush.

Similar Breeds: Siamese, British shorthair.

Similar Breeds: Deafness, mammary tumours, congenital peripheral vestibular disease, hydrocephalus.


Foreign White temperament

Much like their Siamese ancestry, they enjoy attention, they revel in lap time, and they are highly vocal, curious, and playful. They are known to bond very tightly with their owners.

Please be advised the information provided is purely an indicator of breed traits and characteristics and that within some breeds there can be significant variation.