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Korat Profile

Lifespan: 10-15 Years

Avg height: 20-25 cms

Avg weight Female: 2.2-4 kg

Avg weight Male: 4-5 kg

Coat type: Short, sleek, silver coat.

Coat colours and body type: This small to medium build, wholesome-looking cat, carries most of its weight in its front quarters. They are muscular and notably slow to develop. Their physique may seem awkward until up to age 4 when they are fully developed. Eye colour may also fluctuate during this early developmental time. They come only in solid silver, tipped blue, with vivid green eyes.  

Grooming required: Low - occasional brush.

Similar Breeds: Russian Blue, Siamese, Burmese.

Health Profile: Gangliosidosis.

Korat temperament

This breed is very affectionate highly alert and bonds strongly to one owner. They are playful, yet gentle, particularly with children. They are not well suited to a noisy boisterous environment. 

Please be advised the information provided is purely an indicator of breed traits and characteristics and that within some breeds there can be significant variation.