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Russian Blue (GCCF)

Russian Blue (GCCF) Profile



Lifespan: 15-20 Years

Avg height: 20-25cms

Avg weight Female: 3-5.5 kg

Avg weight Male: 4-6 kg

Coat type: Short, thick coat that is soft and silky in texture.

Coat colours and body type: Russian Blue's are medium sized cats with blue-gray coats with an overall silvery sheen. They are fine boned and long bodied with prominent whiskers and large ears.

Grooming required: Low maintance, weekly brushing

Similar Breeds: Nebelung, Russian Shorthair, Tiffanies

Russian Blue (GCCF) temperament

Russian Blue's are gentle, quiet and shy in nature. They enjoy forming a strong bond with their owner and will show affection when appropriate. They are not overly clingy, but do enjoy being stimulated and played with. They are intelligent and curious and do well with children and other pets. 

Please be advised the information provided is purely an indicator of breed traits and characteristics and that within some breeds there can be significant variation.