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Australian Kelpie


Australian Kelpie profile

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Lifespan: 10-13 Years

Avg height: 40-50cm

Avg weight: 14-20kg

Coat type: Short, flat, straight

Coat colours: Black, chocolate, red, smoky blue, fawn, black and tan

Originally bred for: Herding

Breed traits: Highly intelligent, protective, energetic, enthusiastic, tireless


A little about the Australian Kelpie

The Australian Kelpie is the ultimate working dog, with its tireless attitude and dexterity they can herd enormous flocks of stock. They are incredibly intelligent and love their exercise and mental stimulation.




The Australian Kelpie is a healthy, hardy dog however health conditions such as progressive retinal atrophy, cryptorchidism, patellar luxation, hip and elbow dysplasia and cerebellar abiotrophy can occur. 


A day in the life of "Murphy"


My humans whistling. I must find her immediately. My head jolts high and I look around. Where? I need to be by my persons side, now. I stop and listen again, waiting for a sound. This is very important. My ears prick as I hear the sprinkler turn on. They’re in the backyard!

I sprint toward the back as fast as I can, no time is to be wasted. And there’s my owner, holding my favourite thing, my lucky stick. Time to play! My person holds the stick high over their head and throws it as far as they can.

The wind rushing on my face, I show my human how fast I can run. I’m even faster when my tongue hangs out. I lean down to snap up the stick and oops I ran too far; my stick is a few metres behind me.

Wagging my tail, I loop around and pick up the stick, clamping down with my teeth and trotting back to flop it down covered in drool at my owners’ feet.

‘Alright, come on Murphy. Time to round up the sheep,’ I’ll follow and help! I know my person always likes my assistance. I’m good at getting the sheep in order. I’m perfect for the job! And my human is always happy with me afterward too. I always get a treat. Well-deserved, I think.

Please be advised the information provided is purely an indicator of breed traits and characteristics and that within some breeds there can be significant variation.