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Australian Terrier


Australian Terrier profile

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Lifespan: 12-14 Years

Avg height: 25-27cm

Avg weight: 5-6kg

Coat type: Harsh, straight, dense topcoat, soft undercoat

Coat colours: Blue and tan, solid sandy, solid red

Originally bred for: Hunting Vermin

Breed traits: Clever, loving, adventurous, companionable


A little about the Australian Terrier

The Australian Terrier is a soft quiet breed that is very clever and loves to please their owners. They are a fun-loving breed who enjoy a good daily outing with their owner. They are one of the more obedient terriers, with their eager to please attitudes and clever personalities.  




The Australian Terrier is a generally healthy breed, with minor health concerns consisting of patellar luxation and diabetes, while occasionally seen concerns include Legg-Perthes, seizures and cruciate ligament rupture.


A day in the life of "Buddy"


I’m at the fence, patiently waiting for my owner to get home. It’s been a great day. I sun-baked, I barked, and I chased a few birds. Guarding the house might seem like a tough gig, but I enjoy it.

I hear the familiar rumble of my owner’s car and see it pull up in the driveway. I bark, letting my owner know I’m here to protect. Gosh, my human’s lucky to have me. I see them jump from the car and make their way through the yard towards me.

‘Hey Buddy! You have a good day?’ You bet I did. I score some well-earned pats and we make our way inside. We jump up on the couch and we sit. My human brushes the fur out of my face, and with a frown, says I need a haircut. UGH. I loathe haircuts. Haircuts mean baths, and baths mean water. Not ideal.

As I sit there dreading my bath, my owner gets up and puts on her flat shoes and makes their way to the laundry. I hear the jingle of my lead. No way! A walk?! I run, panting and barking as my nails clatter on the tile floor, my haircut forgotten.

Soon enough we are out the door and making our way through the bushland walking track. There are so many smells!

I pick up an unfamiliar scent and follow my nose… There, I see it! A mouse! It runs as fast as it can, but not as fast as me. I run and run, I’m almost at my prize, I open my mouth and—JOLT. I feel the lead reach it’s extended length and the mouse gets away! Thwarted again. I’ll get you next time, little predator, next time.

Please be advised the information provided is purely an indicator of breed traits and characteristics and that within some breeds there can be significant variation.