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Border Collie


Border Collie profile

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Lifespan:   10-14 Years

Avg height:   45-55cm

Avg weight:   13.5-20.5kg

Coat type:  Rough, moderately wavy and comes in long to short

Coat colours: Liver and white, red merle, blue and white, red and white, black and white

Originally bred for: Sheep herding

Breed traits:  Athletic, obedient, loyal, highly energetic, dependable


A little about the Border Collie


The Border Collie is a highly energetic and obedient breed widely known for their sheep herding abilities and problem-solving. They are relatively easy to train and love agility and high-speed work, making them a breed that needs lots of physical and mental stimulation.




Border Collies are a healthy breed, but they do occasionally inherit problems like hip dysplasia, Collie Eye Anomaly and epilepsy. They do sometimes display compulsive behaviours due to their strong urge to herd. Long term degenerative joint disease is common.


A day in the life of " Clara" 


The low rumble catches in my pricked ears. Is it? Could it be? Is that the sound of a closing car door? The jangling of keys in the door? IT IS! I drop the gnawed frisbee and bolt to the back door.

Time slows as I pounce up and down at the glass sliding door. My owner slides the door open, pops their bag down and take off their foot covers. Come ON! There’s no time to wait! A quick head pat is all they can manage before I loop off in a job to show them where the food is. What if they’ve forgotten? I’m always happy to help.

Round and round I go, playfully nipping at my humans toes to show them where to go. They’re almost there!

‘Clara, slow down!’

I bound around my person, My nails sliding and clattering on the floorboards. I lose my footing and oof! Straight into the fridge. It doesn’t matter though because finally the person is at the food! They scoop it up from the bin and plop it down in front of me, and I happily lap it up.

With a full belly I finally waddle out of the kitchen to greet my owner properly, kisses and all. My humans had a big long day, and they're full of smells that I must take in. My nose dances up their leg, following the scent of spaghetti up to their hand which I lick. My human moves to their bed and I jog next to them, watching their face intently. Time for the brushing and pats, and cuddles in the bed.

Please be advised the information provided is purely an indicator of breed traits and characteristics and that within some breeds there can be significant variation.