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Boxer profile

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Lifespan:  8-10 Years

Avg height:  43-53cm

Avg weight: 23-36kg

Coat type:  Short, shiny and smooth

Coat colours: Fawn, brindle, black face mask

Originally bred for: Guardian

Breed traits: Playful, inquisitive, devoted, outgoing, attentive


A little about the Boxer


The Boxer is renowned for its jovial behaviour and enthusiasm, making it an absolute joy to have as a pet. They love attention, and while they can be a bit stubborn, they are responsive to commands and needs daily stimulation to satisfy their curiosity. 




The general health concerns that comes with owning a Boxer include hereditary problems, heart conditions, gastric torsion, cancer and hip dysplasia. Other concerns that can occasionally occur are hypothyroidism, corneal erosion, colitis and brain tumours. 


A day in the life of "Henry"


I jump, bouncing on the spot, my tongue flailing. It’s time, it’s time! My person is home, and it’s time for the long afternoon run. They put on their bright red shoes and lace them up, all while I bounce. Hurry up!

They’re finally ready, and my owner also begins to bounce, lifting their legs in unison to my jumps. It’s about to go down. He clips the lead to my neck bling, and I sit patiently at the door, waiting for my moment. It's sliding… Sliding…Sliding... NOW! I leap through, jerking my human as I do. He laughs and we both break into a run, bounding down the path towards the front never-pass gate.

I stretch, fully extending as I run. The lead taut between us, I hear my human running behind panting heavily. We’re almost there! The path opens up to the grassy plane and I look at all the friends bounding around. God, I love the park!

‘Sit Henry,’ I sit. My owner reaches down and puts his hand around my collar, holding me as he unclasps the lead.

‘Ready Henry?’ I begin to wiggle. ‘One, two, three!’ I leap, my front legs flailing wildly with each powerful stride. Time to run!

Please be advised the information provided is purely an indicator of breed traits and characteristics and that within some breeds there can be significant variation.