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Bullmastiff profile

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Lifespan:  8-10 Years

Avg height: 60-68cm

Avg weight: 45-60kg

Coat type: Short and dense

Coat colours: Red, fawn, brindle

Originally bred for: Guarding

Breed traits: Gentle, quiet, stubborn, calm, fearless, loyal, companionable


A little about Bullmastiffs

The Bullmastiff is a quiet and gentle breed despite its size. They make ideal companions and watchdogs, and are highly devoted to their owners. They can be difficult to train as they are stubborn, but their gentle side means they are more likely to lay down and do nothing more than sit.




Bullmastiffs are generally healthy, but hereditary problems such as heart, skeletal and joint problems are known to occur. Bloat, kidney failure, hypothyroidism, entropion, cancer and allergies are also known to occur is this breed.


A day in the life of "Buster"


I walk into the room to where my people are laying on the couch. They’re watching the moving pictures, wrapped up together in a blanket. I walk right up to them, and rest my head on the blanket.

‘Oh, hey Buster, how are you,” I wag my tail. I want a snack, but I’d settle for a head-rub. They go back to their picture watching and pay me no attention. I whinge, a long deep groan and nudge my head into the blanket.

‘Oh buddy,’ says my owner closest to me, raising their hand they stroke my head. My tail wags again, a long sweeping motion, as I feel them rub behind my ears.

‘I’ve got something for you,’ my other owner says. He pulls a treat out from under the blanket. It’s a bone! One of the chewy ones that takes forever to eat. My ears prick up and I immediately sit. Must be a good boy to get the treat. My two people laugh, and they toss the treat into the air towards me. I leap up and grab it, chomping down twice to make sure it’s mine. I whine again and look at my people to say thank you, wagging my tail as drool drips down onto the floor from my mouth.

Please be advised the information provided is purely an indicator of breed traits and characteristics and that within some breeds there can be significant variation.