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Dalmatian profile

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Lifespan: 12-14 Years

Avg height: 48-58cm

Avg weight: 18-27kg

Coat type: Short, dense, fine, glossy

Coat colours: Black and white, liver and white

Originally bred for: Carriage dog

Breed traits: Tireless, playful, eager, stubborn, companionable


A little about Dalmatians

The Dalmatian is well known for its distinguishable spotted coat. They are playful dogs with excellent personalities who love to run and roam. They especially love playing games and going for long walks with their owner. 




The main health concerns for Dalmatians include deafness, bladder stones, skin problems and allergies. Other more minor problems include seizures, iris sphincter dysplasia and hypothyroidism. It is highly recommended that Dalmatian puppies be tested for hearing as early as possible. 


A day in the life of "Sadie"


The cooling sea air ripples through my fur, sending my floppy spotted ears aflutter. Paws perched on the edge of the floating vessel, I bend forward to marvel at the large body of water beneath us.

‘Hey! Sadie, get down from there!’ A human who is not mine barks the order at me, but I still obey and jump, my paws landing back on the deck.

‘Relax, mate, Sadie won’t jump overboard, she knows what the ocean is.” So that’s what they call it! The irresistible flurry of new sounds and smells pull me right back and I peer over the side of the boat again, hoping the other human doesn’t see. I spy movement beneath the water. A dark shadow looms, and I look to my human’s children behind me – what if it’s a bad thing in there? What if it comes for the human puppies?!

Before I can sound the alarm, I see a shiny grey form leap from the water into the air. It makes the strangest squeaking noise I’ve ever heard! ‘Woof,’ I respond, then run towards the squealing, pointing young humans. I look back to the weird grey thing and now there’s three of them jumping out of the water, over and over again. I realise they’re not coming onto the deck and steady myself, although I stay near the children to keep them safe.

My older human, chuckling, says ‘What a good girl, protecting the kids from the dolphins! You were trying to let us know they were there, weren’t you?’.

I tilt my head, knowing full well I had no idea the “dolphins” were coming. But sure, I’ll take credit for that! The young ones are safe, and that’s what matters. 
Please be advised the information provided is purely an indicator of breed traits and characteristics and that within some breeds there can be significant variation.