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Rottweiler profile



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Lifespan:   8-11 Years

Avg height:   55-68cm

Avg weight:   36-61kg

Coat type: Coarse, straight and dense

Coat colours: Black and tan

Originally bred for: Guarding, protection and working dogs

Breed traits: Loyal, affectionate, protective, stubborn, versatile


A little about Rottweilers

The Rottweiler is known for their protection and guarding abilities and are excellent companion dogs. They are highly versatile, and when socialised correctly are affectionate and loving pets.




The Rottweiler is a generally healthy breed, but hereditary concerns such as hip and elbow dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy, bone and other cancers, gastric torsion and heart problems can occur. Other conditions include: aggression, obesity, otitis externa, degenerative joint disease, cataracts, seizures, entropion, and parvovirus susceptibility.


A day in the life of "Oliver"


The sand scattered behind as I run along the beach, my paws thundering as I pant. My people are in three different locations. Three! This had to be managed! I reach the waves where the little people are playing. One, two, three; yep still there and safe. I stop for a moment and watch them jump around and splash. I will join them soon but not now.

Off I run again, this time back to the car where the adult human is changing the smelly pants of the tiniest human. I circle the car, sniffing to make sure the smells are still the same before sitting at the big humans’ feet. I wait patiently as the small human is cleaned, watching all the people walk past.

‘Ok Oliver, let’s go,’ my human says, and I feel a hand rub my head. And with that, I race off again, this time to the other big human lying face down in the sand. Oh no! I run up to their face to check if their ok. They laugh and give me a hug, pulling me down onto the warm sand. Phew, just napping. I lick their cheek and taste salt. Salt, like the sea. Where the children are playing… The children! I look up towards the waves. I can see them, still splashing around, from where I am in the sand.

The big human holding the smallest human finally catches up, and sits down next to the one laying in the sand. Now I can finally see them all. I get up, huff, walk a few metres towards the sea then look back at my people on the sand one last time. They’re ok. It’s time. With all my might I run towards the sea and into the waves to join the little ones and they whoop with joy and laugh.

Please be advised the information provided is purely an indicator of breed traits and characteristics and that within some breeds there can be significant variation.