Scotch Collie

Scotch Collie


Scotch Collie Profile

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Friendliness with dogs:
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Lifespan: 10-14 Years

Avg height: 58-63cm

Avg weight: 22-31kg

Coat type: Rough, straight, long hair or smooth, flat, short hair

Coat colours: Sable and white, tri-colour, blue merle, white and tan

Originally bred for: Sheep herding

Breed traitsObedient, trainable, playful, gentle 


A little about the Scotch Collie

The Scotch Collie does not fail to impress. Their high trainability means they are not opposed to impressing a crowd, nor show off that they are keen to please. This sweet-natured breed will get along with everyone, from other dogs to small household pets and children. They are tolerant, highly friendly, and outgoing.



Scotch Collies can have issues with: Collie Eye Anomaly, MDR1 Sensitivity, Gastric Dilation Volvulus (GDV), and Epilepsy.

Please be advised the information provided is purely an indicator of breed traits and characteristics and that within some breeds there can be significant variation.