Spoodle Profile

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Lifespan: 11-13 Years

Avg height: 25-38cm

Avg weight: 5-14kg

Coat type: Long

Coat colours: Gold, blonde, brown, black, solid with white markings

Originally bred for: Bred for companionship and to reduce genetic diseases in purebred cocker spaniels and poodles

Breed traitsAffectionate, active, friendly, family-oriented


A little about Spoodle

This crossbreed has become a very popular, affectionate, and loving family dog. They are very sociable and outgoing, and they adapt well to a domestic apartment or small home living. They are very eager to please and respond very well to training. Spoodles will fit right into a family with small children and other pets.



Spoodles can be prone to health issues such as: Patella Luxation, Skin allergies, Ear infections, Cataracts, and Epilepsy.