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Standard Poodle 


Poodle profile

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A little about Standard Poodles - Breed traits

Poodles are infamous for their loyalty and intelligence as pets, and are delightful companions for many reasons. They are a popular breed amongst dog owners, and are particularly kept for their hypoallergenic fur and low shedding.

A few other traits of the Poodle include being friendly, playful, responsive, and obedient.





The most common health concerns for Poodles are hereditary problems such as hip dysplasia, cancer, Addison's disease, gastric torsion, thyroid issues, progressive retinal atrophy, eyelid problems, and skin problems. Poodles can also experience cataracts, epilepsy and ear infections.

Insurance for Poodles

View our page on insurance for Poodles to see the common health issues vets describe for Poodles and what you should be covered for. Common health issues in Poodles covered by pet insurance.


Known for their distinctive curly or corded coats, the Poodles fur is typically quite dense, harsh, and tightly wound. These unique coat textures come in various lengths, offering versatility in grooming styles. Regular grooming is required, and a professional dog groomer is recommended due to the complex nature of their fur.

One of the advantages of Poodle coats is their hypoallergenic nature, making them an excellent choice for individuals with allergies. Poodles come in a range of coat colours, including blue, grey, brown, coffee-coloured, apricot, cream, and pristine white.

Training and exercise

The Poodle is a very energetic breed, needing lots of regular exercise and playtime. The outdoor setting is an ideal place for your Poodle to explore, having an adventurous personality. They also typically enjoy water so an outing to the beach might be a good choice for a day out. 


A day in the life of "Pip"


People. People everywhere! I love when my owner has people over. It means more pats and more new friends. I walk amongst the sea of legs, sniffing shoes and licking legs. I finally spot what I’m looking for, an arm hanging loosely by someone’s side. Prime target to give pats. I walk right up and oomph, I lean on the leg of the human.

Success! I feel a hand rub my ears, gently massaging and tussling them. This is the life. My tongue hangs from my mouth as I relax into the pats. But then, they stop! Half falling, I stumble to stand as the human moves off into the crowd of people and out of sight. Not a worry, time to find another.

I jog around again with my head high, sniffing the scents of the party. I spot another arm and plod over, sitting and leaning again then look up and whimper. Time to play all the moves. And once again, success. The humans’ hand rests on my head and massages me above my eyes and behind my ears; that’s the spot! I could sit like this forever, but again the human moves off leaving me without pats. I stand up again, look around and trot off. Time to find another hand.

Please be advised the information provided is purely an indicator of breed traits and characteristics and that within some breeds there can be significant variation.