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Pets & Fireworks - Tips to help this festive season

As we enter the festive season, it’s important to ensure you know how to manage the impact of fireworks to reduce anxiety in your pets.

Increased dog exercise

The day of the fireworks display, give your dog some extra ball time at your local dog park, or go for a longer walk. Increased exercise should help to tire your pooch and reduce anxiety – hopefully, they snooze through the whole thing!

Comforting your pet

Familiar, calm settings help to reduce anxiety in humans as well as in animals. You can help keep your pet calm by preparing a safe space for them to relax in, and even provide a calming dog bed to help put them at ease. If your dog is crate trained, cover the crate with a blanket to reduce sound and any flashing lights. Keep your windows closed to reduce noise emanating throughout the house, and make sure there’s a safe place available for them to hide; this will help reduce noise pollution for any feline residents.

A little reassurance goes a long way. If your pets seek comfort by you, keep the pats coming!

The art of distraction

These days there’s a great selection of toys and puzzles to entertain your furry family members. From lick toys to hide-and-slides to scratching posts, external stimulation can provide a great distraction, keeping them occupied throughout the noises outside. 

With such an exciting time of year ahead, it’s important to ensure everyone’s having a good time. Be a good pet owner and ensure your pets are microchipped; if they get loose and run away, they can be scanned and safely returned to you. Now’s also the time to make sure their collar identification has your full name and current phone number.

Following our tips will help ensure everyone has a safe and happy New Year. 

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