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The rise of the miniature schnauzer

Once designated rat catchers ofarms, miniature schnauzers have evolved into popular and beloved household pets. The miniature schnauzer has been recorded athe 10th most popular breed iAustralia, with 445 litters birthed in 2020. So, what makes them ssought after?

Miniature schnauzers are clever

Whether looking for a show dog oa family pet, aintelligent dog can make your life much easier. Miniature schnauzers rank athe 12th most intelligent dog breed, meaning they’reasy ttrain and quick tobey. Aintelligent dog won’t need tbtold twice not tdig uthe backyard ojump uoguests and will listen tyou when you command them tnot run across the road. From families with young children oa single owner, the miniature schnauzer iobedient and easy for both long-time pet owners and first timers.

They love a cuddle

Miniature schnauzers are praised as loyal companions. Good watchdogs, they will dutifully protect your home and family. They will adore your attention and are happiest when fully involved in family activities, whether that be watching television or playing at the park. Energetic but not hyperactive, miniature schnauzers can keep up with a high energy lifestyle and will thrive from quality time spent with you. Often highly agile, they can keep up as your running partner or with lively children. Accounting for homebodies though, these lovable pets can just as well flourish in a quieter household, only requiring a recommended 20 to 40 minutes of exercise per day

Some dog breeds carry health risks such as joint pain or breathing issues. This isn’t the case for miniature schnauzers! With an average life expectancy of 12 to 14 years, they remain a hearty breed that ages well and has few genetic risks. The most common issue with this breed is the possibility of obesity, but this is easily preventable, regulated and reversible with a controlled diet and help from a trusted veterinarian.

Even better, miniature schnauzers don’t shed fur, making them the perfect choice for those in need of a hypoallergenic coat. No shedding means dodging every surface of your home being covered in fur! Having a double coat – a wiry topcoat and soft undercoat – only requires a clipping two to three times a year, meaning miniature schnauzers are flexible in different climates and prevent the need for the cost of a regular groomer.

Are miniature schnauzers right for me?
Adaptable, friendly and clever, miniature schnauzers can offer you a fantastic option for an easily handled pet. With their size, they’re suitable for both small apartments or large farms and their temperament means they’re perfect for a sole owner or a large family with children. Originally a working dog, their loyalty, intelligence and agility have developed into the makings of a perfect choice for a range of households. As an affectionate companion, the miniature schnauzer would be a great choice for your next family pet.