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Theodores, the new dog breed in town

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Ever since dogs were domesticated over 10,000 years ago, they’ve been our loving companions. With modern dog breeds such as Schnauzers and Great Danes only existing for roughly 200 years though, you might wonder why such a variety of canines exists. Theodores are one of the newest dog breeds that's come in to the world.

Why new dog breeds are created

Dog breeding has developed many different dogs for many different reasons, from hunting dogs like Beagles to companion dogs such as Theodores. New dog breeds are created by breeders who want to define certain characteristics, such as intelligence or a pretty coat. Humans have been doing this for a long time, and not just to dogs! Modern-day sheep have been bred to produce much more wool than their ancestors, and horses have been bred for many different uses, such as workhorses or racing horses.

As Border Collies are bred to be herding dogs, Theodores, also known as Cavoodles in Australia, are bred to be affectionate and gentle house dogs. With less need for work dogs and more demand for companionship in today’s world, the Theodore dog breed i‘a small, friendly, and affectionate dog’ and have recently gained popularity due to the specifics of their breed, which includes an easy-going nature, a hypoallergenic coat, and small, house-friendly size.

A responsible breeder will choose two parents who will pass on the desired genes to their pups. There are a lot of factors that a breeder will account for when choosing the parents, including the temperament – whether they’re looking for an active, athletic pup or a more mellow, low-energy one – and health, which is key to making sure a dog will live a long and happy life. The breeder will be aware of genetic diseases that could be passed onto the puppies, and only breed dogs that won’t be affected by them

The Theodore dog breed is a cross between a Cavalier King Charles and a Toy or Mini Poodle. Though debated, it’s thought that these adorable pups were first purposely bred in Australia in the 1950s.

This dog breed is apure breed in development’, meaning that breeders are attempting to turn the Theodore dog breed into a formal pure bred, through consistency of each puppy’s size, coat, health, temperament, and a wider range of criteria set out by the Master Dog Breeder & Associates, a pure breed dog registry that represents both canines and breeders. The pups that meet these criteria can be chosen to be bred, which will then make more pure-bred Theodores.

What makes Theodores so popular?

A large part of the Theodores’ rise in popularity is their intelligence. With Poodles being among the smartest dog breeds, Theodores have carried that characteristic through their genes; they are easy to train and quick to learn commands, which makes them a fantastic choice with first-time dog owners or families.

As part of their nature, Theodores are affectionate. With the purpose of their breed to be companion dogs, they have a loving nature and sociable personalities. Their loyalty ensures that they’ll enjoy spending time with their family, and will be gentle and patient, even with smaller children.

Theodores are also adorable to look at. With the big brown eyes of a Cavalier King Charles and the gorgeous curls of a Poodle, who wouldn’t instantly fall in love with these pups? Their teddy-bear like appearance could make even the most hesitant child quickly become an adoring fan.

Friendly, loyal and smart, it’s no wonder that the Theodore dog breed is on the rise across Australia. If you’re looking around for the perfect dog to fit into your family, why not give them a try!