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Insurance for your puppy

There’s nothing in the world that can compare to those puppy eyes! And as a new puppy owner, I’m sure you know exactly why. The look they give you when they want snuggles, food and when they’ve been up to no good is priceless. And, it’s the very reason you decided to bring a puppy into your life.

While your puppy is young

Caring for a young puppy takes a lot of energy, time and patience. They’ll bark when you say sit, they’ll think the couch is a good replacement for outside as a toilet and they will eat non-stop. And while you have a million things to think about, puppy health insurance is probably the last thing on the list.

The best puppy insurance will help you protect your furry friend as they grow and will understand that things don’t always go according to plan. Because if you wanted a rational, sensible companion you would have chosen a house plant not a puppy!

Puppy insurance plans are what we do. We’re sensible, so your new puppy doesn’t have to be. They can go about exploring the world, adventuring and stumbling along while we cover them.

But more on puppy insurance later!

Right now, we want you to focus on your brand-new family member. But we want to leave you with a gift!

Click the button below, and we’ll send you handbook on Avoiding the Rookie mistakes with your new puppy. In this booklet, we cover the fun and boring parts of new-pet ownership like vet visits, microchips and vaccines, and even toilet training. Plus, we have some handy information at the back on how you can protect your pet as they grow up.