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Features and benefits for Vets and their patients

Vets Choice is a product of Guild Insurance and endorsed by the AVA, built to promote responsible pet ownership. Our policy is here to help more pets receive the treatment and care they need, by removing tough financial decisions from everyone involved.

When insured with Vets Choice, both you and your patients receive a range of features and benefits, shown in the table below.

Three levels of cover

Vets Choice RookieVets Choice ProVets Choice Elite
Vets Choice Rookie is
a free 28-day policy
exclusively available
through referral vets
for puppies and kittens
between eight weeks and
six months old. This policy
has reduced waiting
periods to one day for
accidents, and two days
for illness claims. Dental
add-ons are not available
for Rookie.
Vets Choice Pro is our
accident and specified illness
cover, and includes cover
for major diseases such as
cancer, tick paralysis and
cruciate ligaments as well
as a specified list of illnesses.
The cost for investigation
and diagnosis of conditions
such as arthritis, diabetes
and epilepsy is covered,
however treatment costs
are not covered.
Vets Choice Elite is
our accident and
illness policy, and
includes everything
covered by Vets Choice
Pro, as well as other
illnesses including the
investigation, diagnosis
and treatment costs of
chronic conditions such
as epilepsy, arthritis,
diabetes, skin, ear,
gastro intestinal and
heart conditions.

The following add-ons are also available:


Accident and illness cover

Dental Plus*

Routine care cover

Cruciate Ligament*

Options of $3,300 or $5,300

*Please note, Dental Plus is an extension of the Dental add-on, and cannot be purchased on its own or added to the Vets Choice Rookie policy.

Features and benefits summary – Vets Choice Pro and Elite

Cover for life

If the pet joins Vets Choice before they reach their 9th birthday, they can be covered for as long
as the premium payments are kept up to date.

No gap payment when making a claim

Vets Choice pay 100% of eligible claims once the excess has been paid, with no gap payment from
pet owners required. Current excess options are $200, $350 and $500.


Customers can obtain pre-approval for a scheduled procedure for their pet. The customer simply submits the quote to the Vets Choice team and once approved they only need to pay the excess to proceed. Vets Choice will then pay the vet 100% of eligible claims directly with no need for the pet owner to fund the treatment.

Third-party cover

All policies include third-party liability cover, which protects against any personal injury or property claims brought against pet owners as a result of damage caused by a pet.

No claims bonus

Pet owners receive a no claims bonus of 5% after their first year insured with Vets Choice if no claims are made.

Multi-pet discount

Pet owners receive a multi-pet discount of 5% when they insure two or more of their pets with Vets Choice.

Making a claim

Claims can be made easily online by visiting vetschoice.net.au or calling 1800 999 738.

Give back to the community

All policies contribute a percentage to both the Vets Benevolent Fund and a local animal shelter, helping both vets, the families of vets and animals in need.

Pay by the month options

Pet owners can elect to pay their premiums annually or monthly at no extra charge.

Vets Choice important contacts

Vets Choice General Enquiries Email


Vets Choice Vet Referrer or Policy Enquiries

LSmoothy@guildinsurance.com.au (Lyz Smoothy)

Vets Choice Policy Holders – Claims Email