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Vets Choice health check form

Using the Vets Choice health check form is a quick and simple process designed to help your patients be covered for their adventures sooner.

By completing and returning the health check form, pet owners can be eligible for:

  • A free 28-day Rookie policy. Only available for puppies and kittens between 8 weeks and 6 months or;
  • The opportunity to have their waiting periods waived on the Vets Choice Pro and Vets Choice Elite policies.

The steps for completing the health check form are:

  1. Watch the Vets Choice conversation videos on how you can discuss the health check with your customers. You can access the videos here

  2. Print out copies of the form or bookmark the online version for easy access.

  3. When discussing pet insurance with your customers, offer them the chance to complete the health check form if they are looking to get a free 28-day Rookie policy or if they are interested in getting their waiting periods waved on their Vets Choice Pro or Elite policy. If they’re interested, then complete the health check of pet during the consult by either entering their details directly into the web form you bookmarked earlier, or by complete the form you printed out.

  4. To submit the health check form for your customer, simply scan and email the form back to vetschoice@guildinsurance.com.au or if you used the online web form, you are all set.

To access the online health check form or download the print version, click the links below. 

Print Health Check Form
Online Health Check Form
Online Rookie Application Form



For any questions regarding the discounts, please contact Vets Choice by calling 1800 999 738  or email vetschoice@guildinsurance.com.au