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The basics

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The basics

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Sub Limits: What are they, and what difference do they make?

If you’re thinking of taking out a pet insurance policy, there are many variables to take into account. One of these factors that can be easily overlooked by those of us who are less familiar with insurance is sublimits. These can catch pet owners by surprise in certain circumstances when the unexpected happens – and not in a pleasant way.

Eltham Veterinary Practice

Eltham Veterinary Practice (EVP) in Melbourne’s North East has been offering Veterinary Services to the local community for more than 50 years. For the last 20 of them, Dr. Steve Pryor and more recently his business partner Dr. Gus Braniff have been in the driving seat.

Vegas Claim Scenario

Meet Vegas! This lovely girl is an 8-year old chocolate Lab Kelpie mix, and in May 2020, she and her owner Sarah went through quite a stressful time, to say the least.

Managing Breed Expectations

Deciding what breed of dog to get is as important a decision as choosing whether to get a dog in the first place, for people considering pet ownership.

Responsible Pet Ownership

Pet ownership is a huge responsibility. Pets enrich our lives in so many ways, but we are solely responsible for their food, exercise, housing and health care needs. As their owners, we must commit to caring for them and enriching their lives, too.

Preparing to bring your new pet home

Adopting and bringing home a new puppy or kitten can be a big change for both your new pet and your family. Remember that puppies and kittens are only infants. While they can be very excitable, they are often easily scared and nervous about new situations. Luckily, some planning and preparation of your home and routine can help smooth the transition process for you both.

A healthy weight for pets

Our modern-day lifestyles can contribute to our pets being overweight. Many people review their own health at the beginning of the year, assessing their weight, diet, exercise and fitness levels. It makes sense to do the same for our pets.

Cats and Poisons

There are many things around your home which can be poisonous to cats. Below are some common household items which it can be useful to be aware of as a cat owner.

Pre-existing conditions and pet insurance

We know that insurance can sometimes be hard to understand. There’s a lot of fine print, and it can contain some complicated terminology. When it comes to pet insurance, there are few areas more confusing than pre-existing conditions.

Case Study - Rosie's story

A case study about emergency treatment for Rosie* the Airedale Terrier with the assistance of Vets Choice to cover the treatment costs. 

Article - Preparing your pets for you spending more time away from home

Here are some tips to prepare your pets for when you spend more time away from home. 

Article - Heat dangers for companion animals

Heat stress can develop quickly in pets and livestock, and can be life-threatening. Read on for the dangers and tips to keep your pets cool.

Article - Protect your pet this Christmas!

Here are some tips to help to protect your pets from hazards and keep them safe this Christmas period.

Article - Summer Skin Irritations

With a few simple tips, we can ensure our pets enjoy the outdoors without itchy summer skin.

Case Study - Teddy's story

A case study about emergency treatment for Teddy the French Bulldog with the assistance of Vets Choice to cover the treatment costs. 

Article - Flea and tick season

An article to prepare people for the upcoming flea and tick season. 

Article - Annual health checks

An article on the importance of annual health checks. 

Article - Obesity and related health risks

An article on obesity and related health risks in pets. 

Article - Holidaying with your pets

An article on considerations for holidaying with your pet. 

Social media

Some general social media posts for partner vets about Vets Choice and the relationship with the AVA.