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The $5,000 treatment that only cost $200 - Teddy the French Bulldog


When Teddy’s* owners watched him land awkwardly after simply jumping for a ball, they knew immediately something was wrong. Teddy was rushed to the vet for a quick check, where an x-ray was performed to see how much damage had been done. The x-ray quickly showed Teddy needed surgery. After the operation, Teddy was prescribed medication to help ease the pain and reduce inflammation. The ease of processing the claim meant that after paying only a $200 excess, there was no financial pain for his owners either. Then after 2 days in the clinic, Teddy was sent back home with his family to make a full recovery.

“Pets don’t always make the sensible choice. That’s where pet insurance steps in to help” – Vets Choice team member

At Vets Choice insurance for pets, we receive all sorts of claims every day. Most of them are caused by something as simple as one wrong jump, one moment left alone or one wrong move. However, one decision they make shouldn’t mean you have to break the bank. We want to see pets getting the care they deserve. If your pet has an incident, we want you to focus on their recovery, not the financial burden.

Choose sensible, so your pet doesn’t have to be.

Be like Teddy’s owners and let Vets Choice insurance for pets help your pet get the care it deserves. Find out more about our pet insurance products, and how you can get cover for a range of pet health issues by visiting our cat and dog insurance pages, or get a quote today.

*Names changed for privacy reasons