Pet care

Information and articles to help you take care of your pet, and help to avoid some of the common preventable accidents and illnesses that can occur.

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Rosie's Story - Bill Shock

Published: 17 Feb 2023

When Rosie began to throw up, she was rushed to the vet. An initial x-ray of Rosie’s stomach was taken to see if she’d swallowed something, but nothing appeared, and she was sent home. Two days later, Rosie’s owners returned her to the vet as she was still refusing to eat and throwing up. A second x-ray finally showed a foreign body lodged in Rosie’s throat.

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A Vets Choice Claims Story - Sandra & Ide

Published: 18 Jan 2023

Vets Choice insurance for pets is proud to protect pets all across Australia. Since launching in June 2019, we’ve made it our mission to help more pets receive the treatment they deserve.

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Barney's Story

Published: 26 Oct 2022

While we want every claim to have a happy ending, not all of them do. But for Barney’s owners, Tammi and Tom, Barney’s terminal diagnosis was made easier through a village of vets, and of course, the help of Vets Choice.

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Scooter's scare and emergency care

Published: 10 Aug 2022

At a quick glance, a lone hot cross bun sitting unattended on the kitchen counter is hardly a threat to your pet. But for young Scooter the Labradoodle, a moment alone meant an expensive vet visit thanks to the tasty treat.

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